Global single-use expertise and capabilities

Our capabilities are unique: we are the only open-architecture, single-use provider to offer complete design, manufacturing and logistics to support every stage of your biomanufacturing process—wherever your operations are located across the globe.

We supply what you need most:

  • Expertise dedicated to solving your challenges using the latest single-use systems
  • Efficiency that lets us custom fit our technology to your needs
  • Quality combined with choice, so you have the right single-use products on hand when you need them
  • Supply chain security and convenience to help produce critical therapies quickly and safely

Avantor offers innovative single-use solutions with…

Quality & choice

  • Open Architecture Model vertically integrated on bags, stoppers and fittings supporting choice of your systems
  • Comprehensive Supplier Management Program with qualified first and second sources of key components
  • Complete sterility validation program to mitigate risk


  • Extensive fluid handling connectivity knowledge
    • Single-use facilities
    • Hybrid facilities
    • Conversion from Self-Assembled Parts
  • Collaborative approach to designing your solution


  • Local single-use experts
  • Expedited design and approval process
    • Designs < 5 days
    • Validation Packs < 5 days
  • Global logistics footprint
  • 100+ standard products


  • Fully custom solutions designed for specific applications
  • Ability to develop custom components and parts
  • Customized skid systems with disposable fluid paths