Standard Products

Through VWR, part of Avantor, choose from over 100 standard products that have been designed to solve many common bioprocess applications. All products featured below are available for prompt delivery.

Not seeing what you're looking for? Our team of experts can apply their fluid transfer knowledge to design custom single-use solutions to meet your specific applications. Learn about our custom single-use solutions.

Avantor TopMixer 200 & TopMixer 500

Modular mixing systems for our biopharma processes with integrated formulation programming

Avantor Single-Use High Pressure Transfer Hose with SterilEnz™ Connections, Avantor Fluid Handling

Avantor's high-pressure single-use transfer hose with Avantor SterilEnz™ connections maintain the durability of high-pressure hose products while providing the benefits and flexibility of single-use assemblies.

Avantor Single-Use Bioprocessing Bags

Avantor single-use bioprocessing bags are designed to transfer and store your products throughout the drug-manufacturing process.

OmniTop Assemblies, Pre-Sterilised Single-Use Sample Tubes, PAW BioScience

For the transfer of biopharmaceutical products and reagents in a closed system.

WFI samplers with pre-gasketed fittings

Pre-attached SterilEnz®-II/AT gasket fittings provided added convenience when gathering aseptic samples from a WFI water drop.

VWR Sterile PETG Single-Use Bottle Assemblies

Offered in a comprehensive size selection with tubing that is completely weldable/sealable.

VWR Sterile Polycarbonate Single-Use Bottle Assemblies

These assemblies are able to withstand temperatures from -20 to 65 °C (-4 to 149 °F) without losing integrity.

JM BioConnect Single-Use Tank Liners, Medical Grade

Single-use bags with an open top, designed to fit in cylindrical vessels to avoid cleaning after media and buffer preparation.

SterilEnz Pre-Gasketed End Caps, PAW BioScience

Compatible with SterilEnz Pre-Gasketed Sanitary Connectors, these are the only end caps with a medical grade silicone gasket pre-attached to the fitting face.

SterilEnz Pre-Gasketed Sanitary Connectors, PAW BioScience

The new II/AT series is available in seven fitting sizes.

Stainless steel wall-mounted hose racks

Conveniently store hose and components while enhancing safety by eliminating clutter in the work environment.

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