Manufacturing Environmental Control Products in Bioprocessing

Maintaining environmental control during the manufacturing or down packing process is part of managing your risk. Avantor® offers products from industry-leading manufacturers backed by a team of specialists with technical and industry experience to recommend the best solutions to meet your needs. Our controlled environment specialists are trained on ISO and IEST protocols. As members of IEST and PDE, they remain current on environmental control manufacturing industry trends and codes.

Avantor® Offers Environmental Control Products and Solutions to Help You Innovate

Turn to Avantor for all your needs concerning environmental control. In addition to products, our specialists offer bioprocessing facility support to help you realize the potential of your discovery or reduce the burden of routine scientific tasks. Our experienced professionals have degrees in biology, chemistry, and engineering and can support upstream and downstream operations.

Environnement critique - basan

Le groupe basan est un distributeur leader dans le domaine des produits et services destinés aux environnements critiques, et ce, depuis plus de 30 ans.

Protection individuelle DuPont

Protéger les personnes partout dans le monde avec des marques de confiance

Bioprocessing Facility Support

Our bioprocessing specialists can help improve productivity within your pilot or manufacturing suites by reducing the burden of non-core and routine scientific tasks.

VWR® Sterile 70% Isopropanol

Filtered to 0.2µ and induction sealed to assure sterility. Each bottle is lot coded and has an expiration date.

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How Does Environmental Control Apply to Bioprocessing?

Environmental factors can affect the results of highly-sensitive bioprocessing operations. Those factors must be controlled to minimize any possible effects. Among the factors that can be controlled are:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Air quality

What is an Aseptic Condition?

An aseptic condition is one in which no harmful living microorganisms can reproduce or be created. Anything that could contaminate an area is removed using controlled environment solutions when an aseptic environment is necessary.

Maximize Process Quality and Integrity with Avantor

Avantor supplies a wide range of products to facilitate optimal environmental control for vaccines. Source all the supplies you need to support early discovery, pre-clinical, scale-up, and commercial vaccine manufacturing.

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