Bottle Assemblies

Store, transfer and sample safely

Sterilize bottle assemblies reduce risk of contamination throughout your bioprocess.

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Avantor’s standard and custom bottle assemblies are designed with the quality and integrity of your product in mind. As the only open-architecture fluid handling provider to offer complete design, manufacturing and logistics support , our extensive portfolio of components from a vast array of suppliers has what you need to scale from lab to production.

Bulk Drug Substance Fill and Storage

Bulk drug fill for storage has it’s challenges, and Avantor’s modular single-use solutions provide the integrity, flexibility, and efficiency needed in this demanding industry. Our custom solutions are designed to optimize your process requirements for bulk drug substance filling. Our vast library of vetted components enables Avantor to balance the requirements of filling, storing, transportation, freezing, and thawing. Our experts work with you to design robust and supportable BDS manifolds that include the right bottles, tubing, filters, connections, and level of control for your unique process needs.

Bulk Drug Substance Fill and Storage

Learn more about our bulk drug substance solutions by contacting an Avantor single-use expert today!

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Sampling and media bottles

Safely transfer, sample, and store biopharmaceutical products and reagents. Bottle assemblies are assembled in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and individually double bagged with a cleanroom label and gamma dot. This gamma-irradiated sampling bottle assemblies protects your sensitive processes and products from accidental contamination while saving time! Gamma-irradiated assemblies help you avoid costly delays that can be associated with outsourced gamma irradiation services. Assemblies are gamma-irradiated to offer optimal microbial control in a critical fluid pathway.

All assemblies’ feature:

  • Sterile bottles with secure, single-piece cap/tubing assembly that eliminates contamination and product loss due to loose connections
  • Each assembly comes individually bagged and process ready
  • Multiple sizes allow for process-specific flexibility
  • Gamma irradiated to Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10

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Customize your bottle assembly today

Our pre-sterilized bottle assemblies are tailored to meet your specific processing needs. An Avantor expert is ready to help design the right system for you. Get started today

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Unparalleled quality you can rely on

ISO certified cleanrooms

Avantor Fluid Handling assemblies are manufactured in an ISO Class 7 (Class 10000) cleanroom.

Certified, compliant & registered

The assembly facility is IS0 -13485 certified and cGMP compliant.

Lot traceability

We offer full lot traceability. Identifying the production site, manufacturing date and origin of components.

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An Avantor fluid-handling expert is ready to help design the right solution for you

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