Instrumentation Mini Symposium: Latest Updates in Preparative Chromatography & Amino Acid Analysis


Thursday, 24th June, 2021
14:30 CET (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)

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In the latest of our chromatography series, we take a look at the applications and novel approaches relating to instrumentation with a double-header.

Webinar 1: An introduction to Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC): a scalable, cost effective solution for natural compounds research and production
Scientists purifying natural compounds are fast adopting Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) as a highly efficient complementary technique to HPLC and flash chromatography. With its larger injection volumes, faster flow rates, combined with high yields and purity, CPC provides a scalable, efficient and cost effective solution for purification and extraction from bench to industrial scale.

This webinar explains the basics of the technique and how it is the ideal choice for fragile molecule extraction. We will show 'real life' examples of natural product purification from milligrams to kilograms scale. With its unique properties and selectivity of liquid/liquid extraction, you’ll discover how it uses significantly less solvent than traditional methods, and eliminates column replacement and silica recycling.

Webinar 2: Robust and reproducible chromatographic analysis of ammino acids using a dedicated amino acid analyser
Amino acid analysis can be used in several different fields, for example, food and beverage testing, feedstuff analysis, purity control of raw materials according to Ph. Eur. and in diagnostics. However, amino acids are demanding analytes, especially for routine analysis. The VWR Hitachi LA8080 amino acid analyser is a dedicated instrument with superior reproducibility and robustness for amino acid analysis in comparison to a normal HPLC instrument. We will show how the LA8080 works and how it differs from a standard HPLC. If you are experienced in chromatography, but not familiar with amino acid analysers, you will be surprised how complex and highly optimised methods can be. We will also have a look at official applications where amino acid analysers are applied, including Ph. Eur. monographies.

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