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You will find VWR selectors on antibodies, gloves, pipette tips, microbiology media, and much more.

You will find them in all areas of Molecular Biology, Chromatography, Consumables, Cell Culture, Environment, Hygiene & Safety, Microbiology, Microscopy, Pipetting, etc.

Need an additive or supplement for your culture media in microbiology? Quickly find your product (egg yolk, cycloserine, OGY, TTC, etc.) using the VWR Selector "Additives and supplements for microbiology" now.

Looking for a serum for your cell culture activities? Track down your product using the dedicated VWR selector for animal sera.

To simplify your search among a wide range of antibodies available at VWR, use the "Antibody" selector. In just a few clicks, you will find the antibody needed for your activities. Monoclonal or polyclonal antibody. Primary, secondary or even conjugated antibodies.

Find the beaker you need quickly with the "Beakers" selector. Filters such as material, capacity, colour or brand will help you choose your product.

Your cells deserve only the best. Use the VWR cell culture media selector to quickly find the media that make your cells happy!

Need a clamping tool to work with your equipment and consumables?

Quickly decide on the culture chamber you need with the VWR selector "Culture chamber". By using search criteria such as materials, brand, dimensions or use, your selection will be faster.

VWR offers many types of gloves. With the "Gloves" selector, you can quickly find the type of glove you need by selecting the material (steel, nitrile, latex, etc.), size, colour, type of use, powdered or not as well as other criteria.

Microbiology media is available from VWR in various forms: dehydrated powder, granulated, NKS on cardboard in a Petri dish; Ready-to-use culture media in vial, boxes, sachets, tubes, ampoules; 3M ™ Petrifilm ™ tests or agar media on agar plates. Depending on your requirements, click on one of the selectors below:

VWR offers many different variations of Microscopy slides

Depending on your needs, click on one of the selectors below:

The agony of choice? See which of our numerous solutions for preparing nucleic acids fits your application best!

Good quality at reasonable price? Easy to find at vwr.com. Will it fit your application or PCR instrument? Use the selector tools below!

Looking for peptones or agars for your microbiology or biotechnology activities? Look for your product (yeast extract, casein peptone, tryptone, etc.) using the dedicated VWR selector.

The VWR selector for "Pipette tips" will guide you to choose the correct tip for your pipette. Using criteria such as tip markers (epT.I.P.S®, Finntip®, VWR®, etc.), pipetting volume, sterility and much more.

Need protein for your work in proteomics or molecular biology? Use this specific selector to help you quickly trace the desired product (casein, albumin, etc.). Research criteria are proposed as the origin of the protein (human, pig, etc.) or source (serum, placenta, etc.).

To assist your search for the correct Standards, find the dedicated VWR selector. It allows you to find your HPLC standard (LiChroTest®, etc.), PCB, PAH, but also your standard by cosmetic application, environment, and many others.

Save time in your search for environmental testing and more specifically for water testing with the VWR selector. Useful search criteria includes parameters such as test reagents (for nitrates, nitrites, COD, etc.), method (colorimetric, photometric, etc.), brand, among others. You will find quickly identify test strips, tubes, test kits; everything for water analysis.

Quickly find the TLC plates you require by using our TLC Plate Selector. The selection criteria includes plate type, phase change, coating and dimensions. Allowing you to target your product quickly.

To assist your search for transfection reagents, use the dedicated selector. It allows you to search for the reagent you need (GeneJuice®, NanoJuice®, etc.). You can sort by transfection type (DNA, miRNA, siRNA, etc.).

Save time searching for volumetric flasks with the VWR selector with its search criteria such as type, capacity, colour, brand, etc.