Streamlined reversed-phase method development using combined column screening and software modelling approach


Thursday, 11th October, 2019
15:00 to 15:45 CEST (Berlin, Paris, Madrid) 


The adoption of a structured approach to method development has the potential to provide significant savings in both development time and costs. Column screening is a widely adopted strategy that explores selectivity – the key to analyte resolution. The most promising result from screening experiments may then be taken for further optimisation to produce the final analytical method. The use of LC modelling software has the potential to further refine method development at this final optimisation stage and provide a more informed and robust final method. The approach outlined in this talk combines both column screening and modelling software to provide an efficient protocol for reversed phase method development. Initially, gradient scouting with six ACE reversed-phase columns is used to identify the optimum stationary phase and mobile phase conditions. Once the optimum combination is identified, additional gradient runs are performed and entered into ChromSword software to model the separation. Simulation experiments are then used to rapidly determine a final separation.