Self service sorting with the newest member of the CytoFLEX family


Tuesday, 5th July, 2022
16:00 to 17:00 CEST ( Berlin, Paris, Madrid)


If you need an approachable instrument for sorting multiple population to generate high quality material for downstream assays, the CytoFLEX SRT bench top cell sorter is quick to learn and easy to operate. The University of York has now been using the new benchtop cell sorter for several months.
Dr Karen Hogg from University of York will talk about their experiences with this new system, whilst talking you through the various features of the CytoFLEX SRT that appeal to themselves and their user base.
The CytoFLEX SRT has the same technology and software platform “CytExpert” as the CytoFLEX which they also have in their department, simplifying transfer of panels from analyses to cells sorter.
She will then also go through some of the different user sample examples that they have so far proven on the system, including very sensitive stem cell sorts produced by the team from David Kent laboratory which explores the biology of adult blood stem cells. For this project the ability to sort single cells is critical, enabling them to understand the molecular regulators of normal blood stem cells, to clonal evolving cancers from single cells and investigate the physical and mechanical biology of stem cells.

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