Upgrade your spectrophotometer from absorbance to sample quantification and kinetics study with NanoCuvette™ One


Thursday, 1st July, 2021  
15:30 to 16:30 CET (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)


In this webinar you will learn about state-of-the-art technology for quantitative UV/Visible analysis. The webinar introduces the novel cuvette, NanoCuvette One by using practical cases and hands-on demonstration with VWR Collection spectrophotometers.

The NanoCuvette™ One improves the laboratory workflow and instantly upgrades any cuvette-based UV/Visible spectrophotometer to analyse small sample volumes (>0,5 μl) and high sample concentration. The NanoCuvette One embeds a patented optical technology on the surface that bends the light beam to analyse a range of compounds. Together with SpectroWorks user-friendly software, results can be analysed within 5 seconds. Thereby label-free samples such as carbohydrates or proteins can be quantified without extensive laboratory labour. Furthermore, the technology allows for chemical or enzymatic kinetic studies.

This webinar is ideal for practitioners within education, life science, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and food.

For more information, please contact us at webinar@avantorsciences.com