How to improve your weighing accuracy and data integrity ? Best weighing practices, tips and connectivity options


Tuesday, 12th September, 2023  
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM CEST (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)


In the first part the presentation gives an overview on best weighing practices and describes factors influencing the weighing result. Balance intrinsic factors such as repeatability, linearity, eccentric load, calibration & adjustment, environmental influences such as climate, leveling, vibrations and influences coming from the operator and samples as magnetism, electric charges and air buoyancy effects are discussed in detail. Possible effects on the weighing result and preventive measures are presented. The second part of the presentation highlights the connectivity requested recently by Lab for data collection and integration.

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  Martin has been in the Lab supply Industry for over 40 years. Since starting his career in 1983, he has held roles as a Service Manager, Sales Manager, Managing Director, Lab Weighing specialist, and Global Product Manager. Martin joined Sartorius in 2022 as a Field Application Specialist for our Lab Weighing business area.
  Viktor has been with Sartorius since 2021, joining us with extensive experience in the integration of software solutions in the field of laboratory diagnostics. (LIMS and laboratory automation)
One of Viktor’s main responsibilities in his role as a Field Application Specialist is to help our current and future customers with the integration between their Sartorius balances and a LIMS or similar software system for a digital data transfer.