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Kits as Unique as Your Needs

As research and production facilities strive for greater efficiency, the need for high-quality kitting solutions increases. Specific requirements, local and international regulations, and last-minute changes are just a few of the obstacles that challenge the assembly and administration of kits, and without the right help, can result in delays and unnecessary strain on your research, testing, or production. Avantor Services eliminates these complications with a proven expertise in supply chain logistics and by managing all your custom kits and ancillary supplies around the world.

Avantor Services is proud to enable the advancement of science, medical research, and patient care by providing high-quality solutions for clinical and non-clinical applications. Our solutions are customized to your exact specifications, supporting distinct requirements and saving time by removing the bottlenecks in your process. Our services are as easy as A, B, C:

A - Any Product
B - Branded, Repackaged, Relabeled
C - Cleaned or Sterilized
D - Delivered Ready-to-Use
E - Exactly to Your Specifications

Focus on your core business and let Avantor Services handle the rest! Take a more in-depth look at what we can help you with below.

Custom Kitting Request

Healthcare, Medical, and Clinical Trial Kits

  • Specimen and Blood Collection Kits
  • Transport Kits for Time- and Temperature-Sensitive Specimens
  • Lab Kits for Specimen and Blood Collection
  • Ancillary Supply Kits and Related Services
  • Drug Administration Kits
  • Training Kits
  • Transport Kits for Time- and Temperature-Sensitive Specimens

Designed to customer specifications for the global recovery and return of medical devices, meeting unique packaging requirements such as:

  • Resistance to Negative Impacts of Temperature and Pressure Variation, Vibration, and Transport Handling
  • Leak-Proof Bags for Any Liquid Substances
  • Custom-Sized Bags, Containers, and Cartons to Fit Any Device
  • Custom Labels including RGA and Shipping Labels
  • Custom-Printed Instructions and Other Inserts
  • Package Validation Services

Read About a Sample Kit Here

In addition, Avantor Services can support your used medical device recovery process by providing storage services and direct distribution of kits to end users and recovery locations.

General Purpose Kits

For use in critical environments, production processes, and equipment operation.

  • Repackaged Product
  • Product Grouping
  • Custom Assemblies
  • Down Packing
  • Relabeling
  • Repackaging of Cleaned Product

Subject-specific assemblies for classrooms, campus laboratories, and individual student use.

Related Services

Additional services are available to help you refocus scientific time on initiatives that directly support the strategic mission of your company, including:

  • Kit Storage
  • Component Sourcing
  • Inventory Management
  • Printed Materials Production
  • Cleaning

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Options and Ideas for Custom Packaging & Kitting

From specimen collection to spill response, our custom kits can meet your every need. Check out these options for how we can best serve you.

Clinical & Biorepository Services

Take advantage of our proven expertise in supply chain logistics, as we eliminate complications by managing all of your equipment, custom kits, and ancillary supplies around the world.

Custom Clinical Kits and Supplies

Therapak supplies pre-packaged convenience kits, procedure packs, and customized kits for the clinical trial, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and clinical laboratory.

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