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Research is the nucleus of innovation and discovery. Unfortunately, the costs of it are steadily escalating, fueled by advances in laboratory technology and production regulations, which can make it harder for many organizations to remain on the cutting edge. But there is an often overlooked cost to a facility's productivity: the time scientists spend on ancillary and routine tasks, instead of focusing on their core science.

Avantor Services can help return your specialized staff to the research that matters. Our trained associates perform a wide range of onsite operational duties to support efficiency in the lab or production area, so that your scientists don't have to. Our managed services model includes systems and process that have been developed - and continue to evolve - to directly support the growth of your business.

Whether it is support with handling samples, solution preparation, replenishing consumable and reusable supplies, managing inventory, or equipment maintenance, Avantor Services' onsite services has you covered. We offer standard operating procedures (SOPs), service level agreements (SLAs), and key performance indicator (KPI) metrics so you can measure your return on investment. And you'll benefit from our structured Lean Six Sigma consulting methodology, which can help you improve scientific and lab management processes.

Lab Efficiency

Our service allows your lab to function at the optimal level. Routines that ensure the readiness and compliance of several key components of research and production can be handled by our trained associates, so that there is no downtime or distractions for your staff.

Glass Cylinder Management: Includes monitoring and filling of gas bottles, exchanging empty bottles, controlling stock, and reordering in accordance with local Environment, Health and Safety procedures.

Dry Ice Replenishment: Includes ordering and replenishment of dry-ice containers according to demand and local Environment, Health and Safety procedures.

Autoclaving Services: Includes daily collection and control of items to be autoclaved; recording of autoclaving activities in corresponding log books; emptying of autoclave, observing appropriate hazard prevention; and disposal of waste.

Glass Washing Services: Includes collecting dirty glassware from laboratory collection points; washing of glassware in accordance with cleaning guidelines and manufacturer recommendations; return of cleaned glassware to laboratories; performance of purity tests; maintenances of washing machine to ensure pH neutrality and prevention of residue; and inspection and QC to ensure glass is free of chips and/or excessive abrasion. Can be decentralized (washing machines in multiple labs) or centralized (one central glass-washing room).

Safety Services: Includes chemical inventory management, periodic safety equipment checks, safety station maintenance and stocking, workplace inspections, lab records compliance, and archiving support.

Lab and Production Support

While operational tasks such as preparing solutions or handling samples are vital to the success of your organization, they ultimately detract from the time your staff could otherwise use to progress research and production. Our experienced associates can perform these instead, allowing your team to focus on their core science.

Solutions Preparation: Includes preparation of all media from start to finish according to protocols, quality control (pH, osmolality, conductivity, color, etc.), recording of data, product labeling and toxicological hazard labeling, aliquoting samples, and preparing special types of media under a hood to avoid cross-contamination.

Sample Management: Includes receiving, packing, preparing, tracking, and shipping samples, ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and transport regulations (air, road, and sea).

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