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All aspects of inventory management demand considerable amounts of time. From procurement, receipt, storage, replenishment of materials, and internal distribution to optimization of stock levels, the entire process becomes a complex, multiple-department effort. Ultimately, this ends up conflicting with what researchers or production team members need most from inventory management: to have rapidly available the products they need at the point of use.

Even with a dedicated inventory manager, significant improvements can be made with the assistance of a managed service. For example, saving time and money through the opportunity to outsource tasks to a complete supply chain for more fluid and efficient procurement management. However, you may be hesitant to rely on a third party, asking: will an outside company understand my inventory values and urgency? Can it accurately source the myriad products needed by my researchers? How can I ensure that I remain in control of already established procedures and KPIs?

These concerns are not only addressed by Avantor Services, but have shaped the way we work with you to maximize your inventory procedure within your means. From unique inventory management software to proven management models, Avantor Services can deploy a range of solutions that help you get the results you want. Read below to discover the various ways we are improving the way businesses do inventory.

Service Solution Spotlight

Saving Time and Reducing Costs Through Cost-Efficient Inventory Management

Avantor Services' management system prevented repetitive ordering and reduced scientists' involvement, recovering over 4,000 hours per year for research.

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Explore Our Holistic Solutions for Your Challenge

MarketSource Procurement & Sourcing Services

A sourcing solution for research supplies thanks to VWR's well-established relationships with suppliers across the globe.

Inventory manager

A cloud-based, inventory management system, that manages the consumption and replenishment of all your lab supplies (VWR products as well as third-party products from any vendor)

Stockroom Inventory Management

An automated inventory management system prevents repetitive ordering, reduces the burden on scientists, and optimizes inventory levels.

Point-of-Use Inventory Management

Keep supplies closer to the workbench and readily available for use, reducing overstock and time spent locating necessary products.

Chemical Management

Outsourcing delivers comprehensive solutions to chemical management challenges

Shipping & Receiving Operation is Overhauled with No Service Interruptions

A non-profit research organization's relocation is turned into an opportunity to improve logistics and supply chain operations.

B2B Integration Services

Manage your budget, improve reconciliation, consolidate your vendor base, and control maverick spending all in one place.

Technology Solutions

Our portfolio of applications and services provide you with best-in-class technology and in-house specialists to streamline your support chain and deliver a great user experience.

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