Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ & Abgene™ microplates

Quality and innovation for your cell-based assays, immunoassays, biobanking and storage

Thermo Scientific Nunc has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing microtiter plates for researcher’s increasingly sophisticated applications. The result is a very wide offering of the highest quality microplates for cell-based assays, cell-imaging, screening, immunoassays and bio-banking. All the plates are manufactured to ISO 13485 quality standard, have readily available product certification and knowledgeable technical support personnel.

Thermo Scientific has full control over the entire manufacturing process, from beginning to the end, to produce high-quality plates that will provide you:

  • Correct results and safe storage
  • Consistent results over time and stored samples will not change.
  • Exceptional binding of molecules to the plates

Thermo Scientific Nunc continues to innovate with the newly launched Edge 2.0 96-well plate uniquely designed with a surrounding moat that can be filled by sterile liquid or gel to prevent evaporation and preserve cell viability in all 96 wells of the plate during cell-based assays.

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Download the Nunc plate selection guide to find in 1-2-3 steps the best Nunc microplate for your application.

  1. Select the surface
  2. Select the format
  3. Select the plate refrence

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Thermo Scientific™ Abgene™ Plates are produced by industry-leading clean room manufacturing and are guaranteed human DNA free. Offering a broad range of formats, well shapes and geometries to suit virtually every application and ensure the safety of your samples.

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