Spotlight: Real-time microbial sequencing

MinION devices from Oxford Nanopore enable rapid and comprehensive analysis of microbial samples — from real-time species identification and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) profiling to plasmid verification and whole-genome assembly.

Discover the benefits of nanopore sequencing:

  • Portable, affordable MinION devices — sequence in the lab or at sample source
  • Real-time data analysis workflows — including species identification (16S and metagenomic sequencing) and AMR profiling
  • Streamlined 10-minute library preparation — for rapid sample insights
  • Long sequencing reads — delivering enhanced taxonomic resolution and the generation of complete, circular genome assemblies 
  • PCR-free approaches — eliminating amplification bias and enabling direct analysis of epigenetic base modifications (e.g. methylation)

Portable MinION devices are suitable for use in any environment, allowing sequencing to take place at sample source, saving valuable time, reducing the potential impact of sample degradation, and offering immediate insights into microbiome and environmental DNA (eDNA) samples. 

MinION — your personal, portable DNA and RNA sequencer

Find out how portable, real-time MinION sequencing devices could streamline your microbial and microbiome sequencing projects.

Getting started guides: Microbial and microbiome sequencing

Download our Getting started guides for best practice advice on sequencing microbial and microbiome samples, including kit and data analysis selection.

Whole-genome and metagenome sequencing kits

Perform rapid metagenomic species ID and AMR profiling, or generate complete, circular microbial genomes — in the lab or field.

Video: Sequencing to fight COVID-19

Nanopore sequencing has been used to understand and control pathogen outbreaks around the world. Learn how it is being deployed to support the fight against COVID-19.

16S rRNA sequencing kits

16S Barcoding Kits enable rapid, genus-level identification of bacteria and archaea from up to 24 samples in a single, cost-effective sequencing run.

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