Heating and drying ovens, Generation 2012 Universal UF/UFplus (forced convection)

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Heating and drying ovens, Generation 2012 Universal UF/UFplus (forced convection)
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The Generation 2012 range includes forced convection models with a temperature range up to +300 °C. There is a choice of two different displays, SingleDISPLAY or TwinDISPLAY depending on the application.

  • SingleDISPLAY models, ideal for standard applications:
  • ControlCOCKPIT parameters: Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), fan speed, exhaust air flap position, program time, time zones and daylight saving time
  • One PT100 temperature sensor in a four wire circuit and Ethernet interface for reading out the protocol log
  • Double over-temperature protection including visual alarm: Electronic temperature monitoring with freely adjustable monitoring temperature and mechanical temperature limiter TB acc. to DIN 12880 which switches off the heating if the maximum permitted temperature is exceeded by approx. 10 °C, protecting the oven

All models have stainless steel inner chamber and housing, ensuring long working life and easy cleaning. These ovens have an integrated data logger and digital timer, which is adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days, 23 hours. The SetpointWAIT function ensures the process time does not start before the set temperature is reached. This feature can also be used with additional, freely positionable PT100 sensors, so that the process time starts when the set temperature is reached at all measuring points. All models with TwinDISPLAY feature the intuitive control and logging software, AtmoCONTROL, which uses drag and drop symbols to input values. The software allows online monitoring of up to 32 connected appliances and can send an automatic alarm message to one or several email addresses. Complex ramping processes can be programmed quickly and easily for TwinDISPLAY models.

TwinDISPLAY models, ideal for complex ramping processes:

Intuitive, user friendly ovens with 2 TFT displays. ControlCOCKPIT with USB port. ControlCOCKPIT parameters as above
Two PT100 sensors in a 4-wire circuit for mutual monitoring, taking over functions in case of an error
The HeatBALANCE function allows application specific adjustment of heating power distribution (balance) between the upper and lower heating areas
Logged protocol data is displayed on the ControlCOCKPIT (max. 10 000 values correspond to approx. 1 week)
Ethernet interface for reading out the protocol log and for uploading and implementing programs and for online logging
Multiple over-temperature protection with audible and visual alarm: Electronic temperature monitoring TWW/TWB adjustable on display (independent adjustable temperature safety device Class 3.1, which protects the samples and the oven) and mechanical temperature limiter TB (protection Class 1) acc. to. DIN 12880. AutoSAFETY automatically adjusts to the set value within a freely adjustable tolerance range. Setting individual MIN/MAX values for over-/under-temperature

The Um ovens, which have the same specifications as standard models, are classified as a Class I medical device in accordance with the EU directive 93/42/EEC.
Possible applications as a medical device:
The UFm or UFmplus models, equipped with a fan for forced air circulation, can be used for warming non-sterile blankets and cloths.

Certifications: IP protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 20

Accessories information: For details of the range of shelves and grids, please visit www.vwr.com or contact your local VWR sales office.

Ordering information: Supplied without shelves, please order required shelves, stainless steel grids or trays separately. Range of accessories and factory fitted options such as access ports, interior sockets, lighting and interior door are available on request. Please contact your local VWR sales office for further details prior to ordering as these cannot be retro-fitted. Please note U 450 and U 750 units require a three phase supply.
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