Capillary columns, CarboBOND and CarboPLOT P7

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
Capillary columns, CarboBOND and CarboPLOT P7
Chromatography Columns
These carbon-based PLOT columns offer a simplified solution for ASTM D 2505, which describes the measurement of ppm CO and CO₂ in ethylene and propylene streams.

  • Single column solution for ASTM D 2505 for higher productivity
  • Stable and robust for high repeatability of results
  • Available in bonded and PLOT versions for improved versatility and enhanced productivity

The bonded CarboBOND offers significant improvement in column stability with a maximum temperature of 300 °C, reducing cycle times by speeding up the elution of high boiling contaminants. Retention times are repeatable because water has no influence on retention. High stability makes this bonded PLOT column equally suited for both laboratory and online applications.

CarboPLOT is recommended in cases where air or oxygen are present. The high separation efficiency of the column is revealed in the separation of CO from nitrogen peak, allowing CO to be determined at ppm levels. Because the CarboPLOT P7 column exhibits a specific retention for CO and CO₂, it is possible to analyse both compounds in one run in the presence of air.
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