Size exclusion chromatography columns, Bio SEC-3 and Bio SEC-5

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
HEWL5190-2540EA 697 EUR
HEWL5190-2540 HEWL5190-6847 HEWL5190-2522 HEWL5190-2544 HEWL5190-2543 HEWL5190-2521 HEWL5190-6846 HEWL5190-2520 HEWL5190-2542 HEWL5190-6848 HEWL5190-2541 HEWL5190-2504 HEWL5190-2526 HEWL5190-2503 HEWL5190-2525 HEWL5190-2502 HEWL5190-2524 HEWL5190-2501 HEWL5190-2545 HEWL5190-2523 HEWL5190-2508 HEWL5190-2529 HEWL5190-2507 HEWL5190-2528 HEWL5190-2506 HEWL5190-2505 HEWL5190-2527 HEWL5190-2509 HEWL5190-2511 HEWL5190-2533 HEWL5190-2532 HEWL5190-2510 HEWL5190-2531 HEWL5190-2530 HEWL5190-2537 HEWL5190-2515 HEWL5190-2536 HEWL5190-2514 HEWL5190-2535 HEWL5190-2513 HEWL5190-2512 HEWL5190-2534 HEWL5190-2519 HEWL5190-2518 HEWL5190-2539 HEWL5190-2517 HEWL5190-2538 HEWL5190-2516
Size exclusion chromatography columns, Bio SEC-3 and Bio SEC-5
Chromatography Columns
Bio SEC-3 columns are packed with spherical, narrowly dispersed 3 µm silica particles coated with a proprietary hydrophilic layer for high recovery and minimal secondary interactions which provides more consistent separations.

  • Compatible with most aqueous buffers
  • Stable under high and low salt condition

Bio SEC- 5 columns are packed with 5 µm silica particles coated with a proprietary, neutral, hydrophilic layer for maximum efficiency and stability.
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