Preparative HPLC columns, SepTech™ C18 reverse phase media

Supplier: VARIAN
A8060050DG100 A8060050DG214 A8060050DG414 A8060250DM100 A8060250DM214 A8060250DM414 A8060250X046 A8150050DG100 A8150050DG214 A8150050DG414 A8150250DM100 A8150250DM214 A8150250DM414 A8150250X046
VARIA8060050DG100EA 0 EUR
VARIA8060050DG100 VARIA8060050DG214 VARIA8060050DG414 VARIA8060250DM100 VARIA8060250DM214 VARIA8060250DM414 VARIA8060250X046 VARIA8150050DG100 VARIA8150050DG214 VARIA8150050DG414 VARIA8150250DM100 VARIA8150250DM214 VARIA8150250DM414 VARIA8150250X046
Preparative HPLC columns, SepTech™ C18 reverse phase media
Chromatography Columns
SepTech™ media has been developed specifically for prep to process HPLC. The high level of batch-to-batch reproducibility and particle integrity give consistent performance and ease of column packing, which are essential for minimising production downtime.

  • Symmetrical peaks improve yield of high purity product
  • High capacity delivers maximum throughput
  • Narrow particle size distribution improves packed bed stability
  • ST60 10-C18 is optimised for small molecule purifications
  • ST150 10-C18 is preferred for larger, natural molecules and biomolecules
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