Upright freezers −86 °C, Revco® PLUS

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
REVCULT2186-6-W REVCULT2186-10-W REVCULT1786-4-W REVCULT2586-6-W REVCULT1786-10-W REVCULT1786-6-W REVCULT2186-4-W REVCULT2586-10-W REVCULT2586-4-W
Upright freezers −86 °C, Revco® PLUS
Freezers Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
This Revco® PLUS upright freezers requires sophisticated electronic monitors and alarms, which are available in 17, 21 and 25 cubic feet capacities. This system has protective device used to correct low or high voltage into the unit and protect and extends the life of the electrical components.

  • Low voltage surge protection
  • Battery backup is high
  • Continuous monitoring of sensors
  • LED digital display is clear with touch pad data entry
  • Extreme ambient alert indicator lights up if room temperature may affect performance
  • Voltage indicator provides the incoming line voltage at the touch of a button
  • Visual Warning System for clean filter and alarm battery low is present
  • Rounded interior corners make the freezer easy to clean
  • A downfeed evaporator provides smoother refrigerant flow

The microprocessor controls in the system provide real-time visibility and precisesetpoints on temperature, power and other critical measurements. Life-guard alert monitors the compressor and overall freezer performance to provide high efficiency and hence extending the life of the compressor and components. Temperature and power alarms designed with audible and visual warning system which is activated automatically in the event of power failure or temperature deviation.

The Automatic Incident Monitor (A.I.M)involves in the identification of any temperature deviation beyond alarm setpoints, with rapid flash for current event, slow flash if event was self-corrected. This system is specifically designed and tested to operate in a rugged laboratory environment without exceeding parameters of any sub-component within the system.

The stainless Steel Shelves are reinforced with stiffeners for excessive loads and impacts, the storage of high-load and non-standard samples, such as microplate hotels.
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