Preparative HPLC columns, PLRP-S

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARIPL1212-3703EA 2940 EUR
VARIPL1212-3703 VARIPL1212-3702 VARIPL1512-3702 VARIPL1512-3703 VARIPL1512-5400 VARIPL1512-3100 VARIPL1512-5201 VARIPL1512-3101 VARIPL1512-3102 VARIPL1712-3103 VARIPL1512-3103 VARIPL1512-5401 VARIPL1712-3102 VARIPL1812-3103 VARIPL1712-3703 VARIPL1712-3702 VARIPL1212-3102 VARIPL1212-3101 VARIPL1812-3102 VARIPL1212-3103 VARIPL1712-3101 VARIPL1712-3100 VARIPL1512-5200 VARIPL1212-3100 VARIPL1212-6801 VARIPL1712-6101 VARIPL1812-6400 VARIPL1212-6800 VARIPL1812-6201 VARIPL1212-6401 VARIPL1812-6401 VARIPL1212-6201 VARIPL1212-6400 VARIPL1812-6200 VARIPL1212-6200 VARIPL1712-6100 VARIPL1212-1103 VARIPL1212-3801 VARIPL1212-3800 VARIPL1512-5103 VARIPL1712-3401 VARIPL1512-3200 VARIPL1512-5102 VARIPL1712-3400 VARIPL1512-3201 VARIPL1712-3201 VARIPL1512-3400 VARIPL1512-3401 VARIPL1712-3801 VARIPL1512-5703 VARIPL1712-3800 VARIPL1512-5702 VARIPL1212-1102 VARIPL1712-3200 VARIPL1512-5101 VARIPL1512-5100 VARIPL1812-2103 VARIPL1812-2102 VARIPL1712-6800 VARIPL1712-6801 VARIPL1712-6200 VARIPL1712-6201 VARIPL1712-6400 VARIPL1712-6401 VARIPL1212-6100 VARIPL1812-6101 VARIPL1212-6101 VARIPL1812-6100
Preparative HPLC columns, PLRP-S
Chromatography Columns
The PLRP-S media, rigid poly(styrene/divinylbenzene) particles, are available in a range of pore sizes for small molecule, synthetic biomolecule and macromolecule purification. Their thermal and chemical stability makes them ideal for purifications that require extreme conditions for sample preparation, compound elution and column regeneration

  • Discovery stage to multi-kg cGMP production reduces method development time
  • Excellent chemical stability for separations, sanitation and regeneration increases selectivity and column lifetime
  • Single batch packing of multiple columns reduces system down time and validation costs
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