Gel permeation chromatography columns, PLgel MiniMIX

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARIPL1510-5504EA 2180 EUR
VARIPL1510-5504 VARIPL1510-1300 VARIPL1510-1100 VARIPL1510-1200 VARIPL1510-5100 VARIPL1510-5200 VARIPL1510-1504 VARIPL1510-5300 VARIPL1510-5500 VARIPL1510-1500
Gel permeation chromatography columns, PLgel MiniMIX
Chromatography Columns
These narrow bore columns offer high performance, excellent solvent compatibility and mechanical stability that can be used with conventional GPC equipment.

  • High performance that uses about 70% less solvent and save money
  • Store less solvent and increase operator safety

In order to maintain the same linear velocity through the column, the volumetric flow rate should be reduced to 0,3 ml/min in line with the column cross sectional area that resulting in significantly lower solvent consumption. Sample loading should also be scaled down in line with reduced column volume and system dead volume should be minimised to avoid excessive band broadening.
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