SPE columns, CHROMABOND® C18

Supplier: Macherey-Nagel
MANA730003.250EA 660 EUR
MANA730003.250 MANA730004 MANA730400 MANA731801 MANA730001 MANA731802 MANA730005.250 MANA731803 MANA730261 MANA730028 MANA730005 MANA730004.250 MANA738001.100M
SPE columns, CHROMABOND® C18
Chromatography Columns
CHROMABOND® C18 is an octadecyl modified silica phase for SPE.

  • Nonpolar
  • Hydrophobic and secondary interactions with polar groups of the analytes
  • Suitable for nonpolar and slight polar substances

Recommended for many nonpolar compounds with polar groups like pesticides, PCBs, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients.
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