Ion exchange chromatography columns, PL-SAX and PL-SCX

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARIPL1251-3703EA 3342 EUR
VARIPL1251-3703 VARIPL1251-3702 VARIPL1745-3702 VARIPL1745-3703 VARIPL1745-3102 VARIPL1745-3103 VARIPL1845-3103 VARIPL1245-3103 VARIPL1245-1102 VARIPL1251-3103 VARIPL1845-3102 VARIPL1251-3102 VARIPL1751-3703 VARIPL1245-3102 VARIPL1751-3702 VARIPL1251-1102 VARIPL1251-1103 VARIPL1751-3103 VARIPL1751-3102 VARIPL1245-3703 VARIPL1245-3702 VARIPL1245-1103 VARIPL1845-2103 VARIPL1845-2102 VARIPL1851-3102 VARIPL1851-3103 VARIPL1851-2103 VARIPL1851-2102
Ion exchange chromatography columns, PL-SAX and PL-SCX
Chromatography Columns
These rigid, strong ion exchange materials are extremely hydrophilic that is ideal for purification of biomolecules. The PL-SAX and PL-SCX materials are totally polymeric and are chemically and thermally stable over a full range of HPLC conditions.

  • Ion exchange purifications over a wider pH range extend applications
  • HPLC flow rates and rapid equilibration reduce purification cycle times
  • Large pore size for improved mass transfer delivers high speed, high resolution purifications
  • The 1000 Å pore size is for high capacity purifications
  • The 4000 Å with improved mass transfer are intended for large biomolecules and high-speed, high-resolution purifications

Thermal stability enables the use of denaturing conditions and stabilizing/solubilising agents for the purification of target compounds that may associate or degrade under the purification conditions, such as the purification of synthetic oligonucleotides with self-complementary sequences.

Both the 1000 Å and 4000 Å wide-pore materials are mechanically stable and robust and can be operated over a wide range of linear velocities with fast loading of dilute solutions and wash cycles. HPLC flow rates and rapid equilibration reduces purification cycle times.
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