HPLC columns, Acclaim™ Trinity™ P1

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Acclaim™ Trinity™
555-7209EA 1170 EUR
555-7209 555-7460 555-7481 555-7208 555-7461 555-7211 555-7210
HPLC columns, Acclaim™ Trinity™ P1
Chromatography Columns
The Acclaim™ Trinity™ P1 is a unique, high-efficiency, silica-based column designed for pharmaceutical applications, such as simultaneous separation of pharmaceutical drug substances and their counterions.

  • Adjustable selectivity by changing mobile phase ionic strength, electrolyte type, pH and organic solvent
  • Ideal selectivity for simultaneous separation of basic, neutral, and acidic analytes
  • Retention of ionic and ionisable analytes without using ion-pairing reagents

Particle type: ultra pure, spherical silica

Max. pressure: 4500 psi

Flow rate range: 0,30 to 1,60 ml/min for 3,0 mm ID formats; 0,15 to 0,80 ml/min for 2,1 mm ID formats

Bonded phase: reversed-phase and anion-exchange

pH range: 2,5 to 7,0
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