Gel permeation chromatography columns, PL Rapide

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARIPL1113-3120EA 1440 EUR
VARIPL1113-3120 VARIPL1113-3100 VARIPL1120-3830 VARIPL1113-3300 VARIPL1049-2800 VARIPL1113-3500 VARIPL1013-2500 VARIPL1149-3800 VARIPL1013-2300 VARIPL1020-2830 VARIPL1013-2100 VARIPL1013-2120
Gel permeation chromatography columns, PL Rapide
Chromatography Columns
These columns are ideal for high speed applications such as high throughput screening, process monitoring or tracking changes in MW distributions where time is the most critical factor in the analysis.

  • Analysis in less than ten minutes that saves time
  • Significantly increased sample throughput improves efficiency
  • Reduced solvent consumption and disposal costs save money
  • Available in L, M and H versions for low, medium and high molecular weights and also F version for flow injection analysis
  • Columns cover the complete spectrum of molecular weights and are available for the analysis of both organic and water soluble polymers

Rapid GPC is an excellent tool for screening polymer MWD for trend analysis. Short PL Rapide columns reduce analysis times while maintaining the excellent solvent compatibility and mechanical stability.
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