Solid phase extraction cartridges, Bond Elut™ SPEC

Supplier: VARIAN
A5320720 A74702 A74819 A5321030 A5320330 A5320520 A5320530 A5321020 A5320220 A5321120 A5321130 A5321920 A5321930 A5322020 A5322030 A5320320 A532DAS A5320130 A532DAU A5020535 A5020735 A5020770 A5022570 A5021135 A5021935
VARIA5320720EA 353 EUR
VARIA5320720 VARIA74702 VARIA74819 VARIA5321030 VARIA5320330 VARIA5320520 VARIA5320530 VARIA5321020 VARIA5320220 VARIA5321120 VARIA5321130 VARIA5321920 VARIA5321930 VARIA5322020 VARIA5322030 VARIA5320320 VARIA532DAS VARIA5320130 VARIA532DAU VARIA5020535 VARIA5020735 VARIA5020770 VARIA5022570 VARIA5021135 VARIA5021935
Solid phase extraction cartridges, Bond Elut™ SPEC
Chromatography Columns
SPEC SPE solid phase extraction cartridges available in standard straight barrel tube format, offering flexibility in sample size. Use on any standard vacuum manifold such as the Vac Elut 20 or SPS 24.
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