D-(-)-α-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)glycine ≥99.0% (by HPLC, titration analysis)

Supplier: TCI EUROPE

Synonyms: (-)-4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine(R)-(-)-2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)glycineD-(-)-p-HydroxyphenylglycineD(-)-4-Hydroxyphenylglycine

TCIAH0758-500GEA 126 EUR
TCIAH0758-500G TCIAH0758-25G TCIAH0758-100G
D-(-)-α-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)glycine ≥99.0% (by HPLC, titration analysis)
Formula: C₈H₉NO₃
MW: 167.16
Melting Pt: 240°C
MDL Number: MFCD00004262
CAS Number: 22818-40-2
EINECS: 245-247-7

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Specification Test Results

Appearance White to Almost white powder to crystal
Purity (HPLC) min. 99.0 area%
Purity (Nonaqueous Titration) min. 99.0 %
Specific rotation [a]20/D -155.0 to -160.0 deg (C=1, 1mol/L HCl)
Solubility in 1mol/L HCl almost transparency

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