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Chromatography Columns
Polymer-based SPE phases for RP and ion chromatography.

  • Base material: High purity polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymers (PS/DVB)
  • Very low degree of swelling, thus very well suited for chromatography
  • Reliable application over the whole pH range from 0 to 14

CHROMABOND® PS columns and cartridges improve the chromatographic separation by removal of interfering components, which overlap with the analyte in the chromatogram. Furthermore, they extend the lifetime of the chromatographic column, since impurities can irreversibly block the column packing.

Properties of the individual SPE phases:
PS-RP - The hydrophobic PS/DVB copolymer removes interfering organic components from water.
PS-OH– - The strong PS/DVB anion exchanger removes or concentrates anions from water in relation to the pH value.
PS-H+ - The strong PS/DVB cation exchanger removes or concentrates cations from water in relation to the pH value.
PS-Mix - The mixture of PS-OH– and PS-H+ is especially suitable for a desalting of water.
PS-Ag+ - The strong PS/DVB cation exchanger in Ag⁺ form removes halide ions from water.
PS-Ba2+ - The strong PS/DVB cation exchanger in Ba²⁺ form removes sulphate ions from water.
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