Crimp neck vials, N 11

Supplier: Macherey-Nagel
MANA702891EA 67 EUR
MANA702891 MANA702892 MANA702141 MANA702075 MANA702076 MANA70201HP.2 MANA702101HP MANA702859 MANA70214CG MANA70201HP MANA702888 MANA702867 MANA70201CG MANA702015 MANA702016 MANA702885 MANA702882 MANA702014 MANA702223
Crimp neck vials, N 11
This broad range of crimp neck vials is available with small or wide opening.

  • Made of clear and amber glass or transparent polypropylene
  • Silanised glass vials for highest demands
  • Flat bottom
  • Label and scale for convenient handling
  • Different inserts available
  • State-of-the-art micro-vials in different versions for small sample volumes

Useable without adapter for the common autosamplers of Agilent, CTC, Dionex (Thermo Scientific), PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific, Varian (Agilent), VWR® (Merck / Hitachi), Waters etc.

Ready-to-use crimp caps with assembled septa and plain crimp caps are available for the crimp neck vials.

- Broad range of aluminium crimp and magnetic crimp closures with different septum materials and cap colours
- Magnetic version for CTC PAL autosampler or identical constructions
- Large choice of septa materials

Also available as convenient vial kits with 100 vials and 100 closures and as pre-sealed vial-closure combinations.
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