VWR® SAS Super Isolator, Air samplers

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VWR® SAS Super
710-0943EA 3570 EUR
710-0943 710-0946 710-0945 710-0978 710-0944 710-0977
VWR® SAS Super Isolator, Air samplers
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The SAS instrument control unit is placed outside and connected to the aspirating head using a simple electrical connection. All possible typical contamination sources from the vacuum sampling system are avoided using the SAS Super Isolator. An interesting application is that several heads can be controlled by a single SAS control unit, providing a practical and economical solution.

  • Operational flexibility, multiple language choice
  • Records day, time, site, volume of air sampled and operator's name
  • Large backlit screen with intuitive menu; active operation status confirmed by flashing red LED

SAS Super Isolator instruments have been created for the specific monitoring of closed environments such as isolators and RABS, ensuring their complete separation from outside influences.

Ordering information: For a complete system, please order the sampler you require, a battery charger, and the appropriate head.
Please note: An adapter is required when using heads for Petri dishes (90 mm) with samplers for contact plates (55 mm). Sets including a head for 90 mm Petri dishes and the required adapter are available.
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