Earmuffs, Peltor™ X series

Supplier: 3M
111-1139EA 65.6 EUR
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Earmuffs, Peltor™ X series
Earmuffs Noise Blocking Earmuffs
These earmuffs combine excellent protection with ultimate comfort. They are available as headband and helmet-mounted versions, offering a wide range of attenuation levels that meet the needs of the majority of industrial applications.

  • Soft, wide cushions reduce pressure around the ears and improve comfort and wearability
  • Slimline, dual-moulded cups
  • Large space inside cups reduces moisture and heat build-up
  • Electrically-insulated wire headband
  • Colour coded cups: Easy to identify level of attenuation

X1: Ultra-slim earmuffs for low noise environments.
X2: Lightweight earmuffs for low to moderate noise environments.
X3: High protection earmuffs for moderate to high noise environments.
X4: High level of protection without all the bulk, the innovative foam earcup inserts and spacers help boost attenuation while adding little bulk or weight.
X5: For very high noise situations, high attenuation, twin headband design helps reduce heat build-up with good fit and balance.

Suitable applications:
X1A / X1P3: Lawn mowing, power drilling
X2A / X2P3: Construction, manufacturing industry
X3A / X3P3: Forestry, industry, airports, engineering
X4A / X4P3: Industry
X5A / X5P3: Mining, quarrying, paper manufacturing, gas turbines.

Accessories information: Hygiene kits contain replacement sealing rings and muffler pads which can be replaced in a few easy steps. It extends the life of earmuffs and ensures good function and hygiene.
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