Columns, PD SpinTrap™ G-25

Supplier: Cytiva
28-9180-04EA 311 EUR
Columns, PD SpinTrap™ G-25
Chromatography Columns
PD SpinTrap G-25 is a single-use column for cleanup of large biomolecules.

  • Convenient and fast small-scale cleanup of proteins and other large biomolecules (>5000 Mr) with the possibility to run multiple samples in parallel
  • Range of applications such as desalting, buffer exchange, and removal of low-molecular weight compounds
  • High desalting capacity
  • Reproducible, high throughput, parallel cleanup of protein samples
  • Sample preparation in the range of 100 to 180 μl without sample dilution

PD SpinTrap G-25 is a single-use microspin column that is designed for desalting and buffer exchange of biological sample using a standard microcentrifuge. The column is prepacked with ~600 µL Sephadex G-25 resin, and the column material is biocompatible polypropylene.

Delivery information: Instructions supplied with the columns.
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