Affinity purification media, rProtein A Sepharose™ Fast Flow

Supplier: Cytiva
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Affinity purification media, rProtein A Sepharose™ Fast Flow
Protein Purification Media
rProtein A Sepharose™ 4 Fast Flow is a well established antibody affinity medium is designed for the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies based on Sepharose™ Fast Flow platform. The recombinant protein A is produced in E.coli and engineered for an oriented coupling to giving a matrix with enhanced binding capacity. The epoxy-based coupling ensures low ligand leakage. The specificity of the recombinant protein A for the Fc region of IgG is similar to native protein A and provides excellent purification in one step. The high capacity, low ligand leakage and a well established base matrix makes rProtein A Sepharose™ Fast Flow ideal for purification of monoclonal antibodies at both laboratory and process scale.

  • High dynamic binding capacity due to oriented, single-point attachment of protein A
  • Well established Protein A medium used in many approved MAb processes
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