LRC chromatography columns

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
554-2363EA 435 EUR
PALLLRC10X000-12 PALLLRC15X630-75 PALLLRC50X080-20 PALLLRC25X080-20 PALLLRC10X330-45 PALLLRC10X080-20 PALLLRC25X630-75 PALLLRC25X330-45 PALLLRC15X080-20 PALLLRC50X330-45 PALLLRC15X330-45
LRC chromatography columns
LRC empty glass columns allow researchers and process developers to quickly and easily evaluate different sorbents early in the drug development process to obtain necessary scale-up data.

Column tubes are made of borosilicate glass. They are equipped with one adjustable and one fixed piston and a screw-lock system to allow rapid adjustment of the piston. To allow a broader range of packed bed heights and volumes, the fixed piston may be replaced by a second adjustable piston. Spare adjustable pistons are available for each column diameter from 10 to 50 mm. Reservoirs (consisting of a column coupler and a glass tube) are available for packing.

Each column is supplied assembled and ready for use, with tubing and fittings to connect the column to a chromatography system.

Packaging: A column package includes: two fittings (ferrule with nut), one connection tubing (1/16" or 1/8" OD) and one frit ejector. A spare part kit includes: 4 o-rings, 4 frits of 10 µm and 1 meter of tubing.
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