Substrate for Western blotting, ECF™

Supplier: Cytiva
RPN5785EA 213 EUR
Substrate for Western blotting, ECF™
Electrophoresis Reagents Blotting Reagents
ECF™ substrate is a fluorescent substrate for alkaline phosphatase-based detection of protein blots, also for use with fluorescence scanning equipment. Alkaline phosphatase dephosphorylates ECF substrate to produce a fluorescent product, which localises at the site of catalysis. Product fluoresces at 540 to 560 nm when excited at the appropriate wavelength.

  • Can be used in Western blotting, dot and slot blotting applications
  • Comparable sensitivity with chemiluminescence
  • Wider dynamic range of fluorescence scanning systems compared with film allows visualisation and quantitation of weak and dark bands in the same scan
  • No need of darkroom and film

Delivery information: Provided with reagents sufficient for detecting 2500 cm² membrane: ECF substrate (60 ml) and dilution buffer.
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