Filter plates, 96-well, Captiva

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
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Filter plates, 96-well, Captiva
Microplates Filter Plates
Filtration is simple, versatile, and necessary to prevent clogging of valuable HPLC columns. Captiva 0,2 μm and 0,45 μm depth filter plates are ideal for filtering samples prior to LC/MS injection. Captiva 10 μm glass fibre filter plates are designed for clarifying highly particle-laden samples, such as freshly thawed plasma and hepatocyte filtration, preventing sample transfer problems from pipette tip clogging. They are perfect for automated systems and for use with DuoSeal 96 96-well seals.

  • Protect HPLC columns from clogging to reduce instrument downtime
  • Clean and clear filtrates offer improved sensitivity
  • High analyte recovery with simple robust methods allows faster method development
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