First-strand cDNA Synthesis kit

Supplier: Cytiva
27-9261-01EA 529 EUR
First-strand cDNA Synthesis kit
Nucleic Acid Reagents RT-PCR and cDNA Reagents
Designed to generate full length first-strand cDNA from mRNA templates. Following first-strand cDNA synthesis, the sample can be used directly for in vitro amplification using PCR or for second-strand synthesis using the Gubler-Hoffman method.

  • For synthesis of single-stranded cDNA prior to amplification by PCR
  • Features preassembled bulk reaction mixes to save time and minimise potential for pipetting errors
  • Allows users to choose primers

Includes a choice of two primers: pd(N)6 random hexamers and NotI-(dT)18.

Delivery information: Kit includes sufficient for up to 55 first-strand syntheses, each of which will produce enough material for up to 15 amplification reactions: Bulk First-Strand cDNA Reaction Mixes, mRNA Standard, DTT Solution, RNase-Free Water, pd(N)6 Primer, NotI-(dT)18 Bifunctional Primer and instruction booklet.
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