Supplier: Cytiva
17-1186-01EA 991.24 EUR
Chromatography Columns
RESOURCE PHE are prepacked SOURCE 15 PHE (phenyl) columns for purification of proteins and peptides with hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC). For fast, high-resolution purifications, RESOURCE columns are excellent choice for polishing and removal of trace impurities.

  • High performance at low back pressure, even with high sample load of up to 25 mg of protein
  • Designed for low- to medium- pressure systems ranging from a peristalic pump to ÄKTA design and FPLC systems

RESOURCE HIC columns are available with ether, isopropyl, or phenyl. Generally, RESOURCE PHE will have the strongest hydrophobicity followed by RESOURCE ISO and RESOURCE ETH, successively.

Delivery information: Columns include connectors for high- and low-pressure chromatography equipment and instructions.
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