Affinity chromatography columns, HiScreen™ Capto™ Blue

Supplier: Cytiva
28-9924-74EA 175 EUR
Affinity chromatography columns, HiScreen™ Capto™ Blue
Chromatography Columns
HiScreen™ Capto™ Blue is prepacked with the base matrix Capto™ to which cibacron blue 3G is covalently bound via a hydrophilic spacer immobilised with a stable amine bond. Capto™ Blue is highly chemically stable and has a more rigid agarose base matrix than Blue Sepharose™ 6 Fast Flow. This allows the use of faster flow rates and larger sample volumes, leading to higher throughput and improved process economy.

  • Prepacked with Capto™ Blue
  • Excellent for method optimisation and parameter screening due to the 10 cm bed height
  • Easily connected in series to achieve 20 cm bed height
  • Small bed volume for fast results and minimal sample/buffer consumption
  • Reproducible results, scalable to BioProcess columns packed with the same media using the same flow velocity

The application area is the same as for Blue Sepharose™ Fast Flow (e.g., purification of albumin, enzymes including NAD+ and NADP+, coagulation factors, interferons and related proteins). The main benefit of Capto™ Blue compared to Blue Sepharose™ 6 Fast Flow is its improved chemical stability provided with a new coupling chemistry involving a spacer arm. It tolerates repeated cleaning-in-place and sanitisation at both high and low pH as well as autoclaving. Also the leakage of Cibacron Blue is reduced as compared to Blue Sepharose™ 6 Fast Flow.
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