Western blotting blocking reagent, Amersham ECL™ Prime

Supplier: Cytiva
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Western blotting blocking reagent, Amersham ECL™ Prime
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Amersham ECL Prime Blocking Reagent is blocking Amersham Protran NC and Amersham Hybond PVDF membranes used with Amersham ECL start, Amersham ECL, Amersham, ECL Prime, Amersham ECL Select and Amersham ECL Plex.

  • High signal intensity and sensitivity allows the use of highly diluted primary and secondary antibodies with no reduction in sensitivity
  • Optimized for use with Amersham Hybond-P (PVDF) membranes and compatible with Amersham Hybond-ECL (nitrocellulose) membranes
  • Optimized for CCD-based imaging, for example Amersham Imager 600 or ImageQuant LAS 500, and compatible with X-ray film such as Amersham Hyperfilm ECL
  • Compatible with Rainbow Molecular Weight Markers and Amersham ECL DualVue Western Blotting Markers
  • Recommended for chemiluminescence and fluorescence applications where high sensitivity is needed
  • Each pack contains 40 g of membrane blocking agent
  • Sufficient for at least 20 miniblots

Amersham ECL Prime is a highly sensitive reagent, characterized by stable signal emission, allowing for the possibility of repeated exposures and making it easier to process several blots in the same experimental run. The high intensity of the emitted signals means that proteins can be dete89cted using highly diluted primary and secondary antibodies, contributing to low background and reducing consumption of reagents. Amersham ECL Prime consolidates and builds on the benefits of Amersham ECL Plus and Amersham ECL Advance to deliver a detection system that is sensitive, stable, precisely quantitative across a wide dynamic range of protein levels, and conservative in its consumption of expensive antibody reagents.

Stable signal allows multiple exposures and makes the reagent suitable for large experimental series, allowing convenient handling time between the end of the experiment and detection. Amersham ECL Prime Western Blotting Detection Reagent is a highly sensitive chemiluminescent detection reagent with long lasting signal for accurate detection of minute changes in protein levels.

Delivery information: Includes Solution A (luminol solution) and Solution B (peroxide solution), sufficient for 1000 cm² or 3000 cm² membrane.
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