Cytological endo- and exocervical brushes, Q Path® NovaBrush®

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Q Path® NovaBrush®
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Cytological endo- and exocervical brushes, Q Path® NovaBrush®
Q Path NovaBrush® are disposable brushes designed for endo- and exocervical cytological sampling. The shape of Q Path® NovaBrush 1's head makes it ideal for endocervical sampling without risk of trauma to the patient. With an undetachable handle (pink), the single-use Q Path® NovaBrush 1 is ideal for conventional Pap smear testing and thin layer cytology. Q Path® NovaBrushes 2 and 3 are suitable for both endo- and exocervical sampling. They have ergonomically-designed round pink (undetachable), or green (detachable) handles. Q Path® NovaBrush 2 and 3 are recommended for liquid-based cytology.

  • Available undetachable (pink colour) or detachable (green colour)
  • Without metal, nylon or resin, 100% plastic
  • Suitable for exo- or endocervical samples, except for Q Path NovaBrush® 1 (endocervical only)

The shape of Q Path® NovaBrush 3's head makes it particularly suitable for the collection of endocervical cells. The white brush can be detached from the green handle simply by pressing forward. The green handle has been designed to rotate during sampling in order to facilate collection of a high quality sample. The brush head is made of fibres of different lengths to allow simultaneous collection of endo and exocervical cells.

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