Dry block heater, Advanced, digital, with heated lid

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460-0103EA 787 EUR
VWRI460-0103 VWRI460-0185
Dry block heater, Advanced, digital, with heated lid
This advanced dry block heater with heated lid is designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature stability. This multipurpose unit is ideal for isothermal incubation, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, nucleic acid denaturation and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures. Integral support rod holder with locking knob accepts optional external temperature probe kit. Block heater accepts one microplate block or two separate interchangeable modular blocks. Each block has a thermometer well for measuring block temperature. Efficient heating due to close tube and block contact with a low density design for exceptional temperature uniformity.

  • Exceptional uniformity, stability and regulation of temperature, offers temperature stability and temperature uniformity at 37 °C of ±0,2 °C within the block and ±0,1 °C across similar blocks
  • Temperature range from ambient +5 to 100 °C, heat up time to 100 °C is 50 m
  • Timer will display elapsed time or, when programmed to user-defined limit, will shut off unit when time reaches zero
  • Heated lid reduces condensation on sample lids
  • Optional external temperature probe kit monitors actual block or sample temperature
  • Accommodates VWR interchangeable modular heating blocks for tubes from 0,2 ml microtubes to test tubes or vials up to 85 mm in height

The heated lid helps to regulate the temperature. PID temperature control, with optional external RTD probe. Samples are heated to temperature quickly and accurately. Temperature is adjusted in ±0,1 °C increments. Touch pad controls with easy to read, independent LED displays for temperature and time, also show set point and actual temperature. Display will show last used settings, even after power has been turned off. In timed mode, an alarm will sound when time reaches zero and when unit reaches set point temperature. Temperature calibration mode allows the user to calibrate the unit to an external temperature device. Hot warning symbol light is illuminated when the temperature is above 40 °C. Over shoot protection means if the unit exceeds the set temperature by 10 °C the unit will automatically stop heating. Units can be run in environments from 18 to 33 °C (20 to 80% relative humidity, non condensing).

Ordering information: Modular blocks and optional temperature probe kit available, these must be ordered separately.

Caution: * RT = Ambient
** EU-plug *** UK-plug **** CH-plug
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