EBP bar

Supplier: DESCO
115-3044EA 13 EUR
EBP bar
Grounders Grounding Wires
The EBP bar should be fixed to the edge of a bench or other suitable work equipment within reach and accessible to all connecting ground cords, but where it is unlikely to be knocked and damaged or hinder the operator.

  • Mount EBP bar with two M5 pan-head screws (included), minimum 12 mm long
  • Connect earthing cord to a suitable earth. A spare ring terminal is supplied if the cordneeds to be shortened

The bar is 72×37×38 mm in size and is made of ABS. The yellow bar has arear cover to prevent access to the resistors.

The bars are available with a variety of 4 or 10mm stud or socket connectors. Maximum of 3 connectors per bar.

Resistors are usually built-in to each connector. The normal earth contact is linked via individual 1 megohm resistor rated at ¹/₂ W. In the event of a workstation element becoming live the resistor will limit the fault current to less than 0,3 mA at 240 V. The resistor is capable of withstanding 500 VDC for 6 minutes.
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