HYGEN™ Microfibre Wet Mop Pads

Supplier: Rubbermaid Commercial Products
R034556 R050650 R050647
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141-0144 129-0949 129-0948
HYGEN™ Microfibre Wet Mop Pads
HYGEN™ microfibre wet mop pads are constructed of premium 16-split nylon/polyester blend microfibre that provides high-efficacy wet mopping preformance.

Adapted to all surfaces, the Rubbermaid PULSE™ is ideal for spot cleaning of smaller surfaces. With only one push on the button the cleaning product will be sprayed onto the floor. No dirty buckets anymore. Combined with the PULSE™ caddy the user can clean larger floor surfaces of up to 930 m².

  • Patented zig-zag scrubbing strips for cleaning tough, dried-on stains
  • Velcro attachment system
  • Advanced hook-and-loop pad holds up under harsh laundering conditions and attaches pads more securely
  • Durable up to 500 launderings* (up to 200 with bleach)
  • Bleach-safe in hot and cold water: Certified to tolerate CDC hot and cold water laundering requirements**

The microfibre wet pad is designed for general-purpose use, and features colour-coded tabs to prevent cross-contamination. The microfibre scrubber wet pad features vertical polypropylene scrubber stripes that help remove stubborn spots and clean into tile grout lines. The microfibre high-absorbency wet pad addresses big spills by absorbing up to 710 ml of liquid.

Tested pathogen removal with HYGEN™ microfibre wet mop pads.

Removes 99,9% or more of tested viruses and bacteria, with water only.***
Tested viruses: Feline calicivirus (surrgate for norovirus), common human coronavirus OC43.
Tested bacteria: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Clostridioides difficile (C. diff), pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Not tested on COVID-19.

*Based on internal testing without bleach.
**Always use cleaning chemicals or disinfectants as directed by a facility manager.
***Based on third-party testing on VCT surface with water only. EPA est. No 92100-CHM-1. Claim does not apply to R034556.
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