Bromophenol blue 0.1% in water, pure

Supplier: Thermo Scientific

Synonyms: Bromphenol Blue Sultone Form,BPB,3,3',5,5'-Tetrabromophenolsulphonphthalein,Tetrabromophenol-sulphonephthalein

403150250 403151000
ACRO403150250EA 68.8 EUR
ACRO403150250 ACRO403151000
Bromophenol blue 0.1% in water, pure
Bromophenol blue
Formula: C₁₉H₁₀Br₄O₅S
MW: 669.97 g/mol
Density: 1 g/cm³
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00005875
CAS Number: 115-39-9
EINECS: 204-086-2

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Specification Test Results

Concentration (by UV) About 0.1%
Infrared spectrum Conforms
Melting point 212 to 217 °C
HPLC ≥97.5 %
Specific optical rotation +150° to +156° (20 °C, 589 nm) (C=1, dioxane)

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