Protein extraction reagent, BugBuster® 10X, Millipore®

Supplier: Merck Millipore (Novagen)

70921-5 70921-4
70921-5EA 1210 EUR
70921-5 70921-4
Protein extraction reagent, BugBuster® 10X, Millipore®
Buffers Extraction Buffers
BugBuster® 10X is a concentrated formulation of the proprietary detergents employed in BugBuster® without the addition of salts or buffer components. Concentrated BugBuster® provides a flexible alternative to the ready-to-use standard 1X BugBuster®, allowing user-defined dilution and addition of buffer components. BugBuster® 10X has all of the bioprocessing benefits of standard BugBuster® plus the freedom to control pH, reagent concentration, and buffer additives necessary for maximum extraction and activity of your target protein.

Storage: 15 to 30 °C
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