Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Tissue

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
PIER89801EA 377 EUR
Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Tissue
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The Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Tissue enables isolation of intact mitochondria from soft and hard tissue samples in about an hour.

  • Quick and convenient - isolate intact mitochondria in less than 60 minutes
  • Versatile - offers two methods of isolation from both soft and hard tissue samples
  • Multi-sample format - reagent-based approach enables simultaneous processing of multiple samples
  • Optional alternate method - reagents and protocol included for the traditional Dounce homogenisation procedure with fewer required strokes
  • Bench-top compatible - both procedures can be performed using a microcentrifuge tube

The kit provides for two methods for mitochondria isolation. The first method uses a unique reagent-based procedure that enables simultaneous multi-sample processing. The second method relies on traditional Dounce homogenisation for tissue disruption and subsequent isolation of the organelle. Both procedures use differential centrifugation to separate the intact mitochondria using a bench top microcentrifuge and are completed in less than 60 minutes. In addition, both procedures have been optimised for maximum yield of mitochondria with minimal damage to integrity. The isolated mitochondria may be used for a number of downstream applications, including 1D and 2D Western blotting and protein profiling using mass spectroscopy.

Delivery information: Kit contains Mitochondria Isolation Reagent A, 50 ml; Mitochondria Isolation Reagent B, 0.5 ml; Mitochondria Isolation Reagent C, 65 ml; Bovine Serum Albumin, 235 mg ; PBS Pack (makes 500 ml), 1 pack.
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