Blocking buffer, fast blocking, Pierce™

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Blocking buffer, fast blocking, Pierce™
Buffers Buffers voor elektroforese Blocking-buffers
This buffer effectively and reliably blocks Western blots in just five minutes to provide low background results and speed up traditional blotting protocols.

  • Use both buffers to shorten the typical Western blot development by over 2 hours
  • Optimised protocol makes Western blot analysis easier than ever
  • Provides results comparable to classic western blotting buffers

Fast blocking buffer streamlines Western blot protocols by providing consistent, high quality blocking for nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes in only 5 minutes. Blocking and probing steps with fast blocking buffer prevents non specific binding of detection antibodies during probing steps but allows specific detection to occur. Fast wash buffer provides efficient membrane washing after incubation with a primary and secondary antibody to effectively shorten total washing time to 20 minutes (from the typical 90 minutes).
These two buffers are compatible with antibodies and biotin avidin systems, as well as both nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes. The blocking buffer provides rapid and effective blocking in just five minutes while producing results comparable to traditional blockers for western blots.
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