Horizontal laminar flow cabinets, Aeolus Series, Telstar

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Horizontal laminar flow cabinets, Aeolus Series, Telstar
Zuurkasten en behuizingen Kasten met laminaire stroming
Aeolus H Serie is a high quality horizontal laminar flow workbench range for handling non-hazardous materials that require a particle free environment. These cabinets offer the highest product protection. Aeolus H horizontal laminar flow benches, have been specially designed to work in hospitals, pharmacies, IVF centres, food control, horticulture in vitro cultures, and also in electronics, optics, micromechanics, plastic Industries, etc. Horizontal laminar flow systems allow operation in sterile and particle free conditions thanks to the continuous flushing of the working area by means of a unidirectional horizontal ultra filtered air flow. The positive pressure inside the cabinet prevents inflow of ambient air from the surrounding environment into the work area.

  • Energy saving
  • Compact external size without parts protruding from the main body; easy to clean
  • LED lighting provides uniform illumination and minimises eyestrain
  • Low noise level
  • User-friendly with intuitive control panel
  • Easy installation and service: Side glass panels are removable to allow passage through all doorways
  • HEPA filter is accessible for replacement from the front of the cabinet. Unit can be disassembled in case of complicated installations
  • Wide working surface made in stainless steel, cuvette type to avoid potential spillage of liquids that could damage the HEPA filter

Green line:
Very low power consumption is obtained by adopting: EC motors, LED lighting, standby flow mode
All parts are retrofittable, even the metallic ones, so extending total life of the cabinet
Pre-filter (G3) prevents dust, dirt and particles reaching the HEPA filter, tremendously increasing HEPA filter lifetime

High quality components:
Cabinets made of stove-enamel coated steel
Polished AISI-304 stainless steel working surface
HEPA filter protected with laminar screen to provide incomparable uniform flow
Removable and U.V. resistant tempered glass side walls

Certificaten: The AEOLUS series is designed and manufactured in order to achieve a working area that meets the ISO 14644-1 (Class 4), GMP Annex 1 (Grade A) - Former Class 100 according to Federal Standard 209E .
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